Personal Protective Equipment

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Skin protection & First aid
Find out how to provide your employees with the ideal protection

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used in all areas of work where there is a risk of injury or which could be hazardous to health.
PPE provides the necessary level of safety at work and safeguards the health of your employees at the work place. It protects your employees against potential hazards such as falling objects, UV radiation or chemicals, and in doing so boosts their performance. Personal protective equipment also covers the following areas: hearing protection, eye protection, head protection, breathing protection, hand protection, foot protection, skin protection, fall protection as well as occupational safety and protective workwear.

With 100 years of experience as a tool specialist, we are well aware of which hazards can arise at the work place. Our mission is to counteract these hazards and ensure a safer, healthier work place for you and your team. We apply all of the expertise we have gained over the years, so that you can give your all in each project and feel safe. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE) from head to toe. And that’s why our motto is “Powered by Protection.”

The requirements for personal protective equipment are becoming increasingly individual: the product that is ultimately chosen is determined not only by the wearer’s personal perception to ensure it is received well, but also by the statutory regulations. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive range from head to toe, exclusively comprising certified products to current standards and statutory regulations, as well as PPE for all risk categories.

Our services for personal protective equipment

Expert advice on PPE

We can inform you of everything you need to know about the legal framework, state subsidies and latest products. We can help you to harmonies your products and create a standardized PPE strategy.

Help with hazard assessments

We can support you in performing a hazard assessment tailored to you, can identify the hazards that exist at your work place, and can analyze which PPE would provide the best protection for your employees. We will gladly consider your existing PPE in this process.


We will measure your employees, determine the correct size for the PPE, and identify which PPE would fit them perfectly. We will gladly fulfil your individual wishes in this respect, so as to ensure the PPE is received positively by your employees.

Try-on tests

You have the option of testing certain PPE products over the course of several weeks. We will be by your side in this process, with the advice and support you need to ensure the product is the ideal match for your circumstances and application.


We can provide you with custom-made protection plans, to ensure that each and every employee is fully informed of all details. These protection plans will help you to ensure the PPE is used correctly, thereby reducing accidents in the work place.



We will ensure that your safety supervisors receive continuous further training, and will train your employees in how to use new PPE. We would also be glad to help you fulfil your obligation to provide instruction.